Ministerial Travel

The GNWT has proactively reported on travel undertaken by all Ministers for government purposes since June 2004. Reports, published quarterly in pdf format, include information about each trip, the purpose and cost to the GNWT. The publication of these travel reports reflects the longstanding commitment of the GNWT to transparency and provides the public the opportunity to hold Cabinet Ministers accountable for how government money is being spent.

In keeping with the GNWT’s mandate commitment to increase the availability and accessibility of information about government activities, and explore new technologies for openness and accountability, the government has now implemented an online reporting system for Ministerial travel. Users of this website will now be able to access information about Ministerial travel in a searchable and downloadable format. Travel information will be published to this website on a monthly basis.

Past ministerial travel reports for the 18th Assembly will continue to be available in pdf format on this website.